The first eyewear collection from Alessi, the name on some of the most iconic designs of our time.


We've identified the weak point of any frame, and made it our strength.

Super thin magnets create a unique floating hinge. It's extra smooth and unfolds with a single movement. It also takes the pressure off the screws that normally hold a frame together, so it won't loosen over time.

Smooth, simple – a joy to be repeated every time you put your glasses on.


This is clean, classic elegance.

AlessiEyes will be appreciated by those who understand that design is not about trends. It's more than skin-deep, more than just a pretty face.

Real design works in the real world, adding delight to our daily lives. AlessiEyes are designed to be enjoyed.


A product is only as good as the people who make it. AlessiEyes are created by craftsmen using only the highest specification materials such as lightweight hypoallergenic titanium and hand made acetate.

Comfort and fit are assured by metal pad arms, while the plastic nose beds are highly adjustable.