Innovation, style, practicality, eccentricity - Alessi have been setting the standard for design excellence since 1921.

Whether it is the iconic whistling kettle or the ultimate juicer, Alessi use design to make the things we take for granted much more than mere tools. No matter how humble, anything can be improved, and its beauty found in making it work better.

Frederic Gooris

Frederic Gooris was born in Belgium in 1974, but became a Master of Design at the Domus Academy in Milan, in 1999.

He worked with renowned designers such as Philippe Starcke and Stefano Giovanni before setting up Studio Gooris in Milan in order to develop his own very individual design ideas.

He has created many products and concepts for major international brands including Alessi, Ferarro, Levis, JC Penny, 101 Studio.